Multicopter Navigation Lights


Navigation lights for my multicopter. The multicopter is upside down in the photo but it's red on the left, green light on the right and white light in the back.

I have now made some navigation lights for my large Y6 multicopter. There is a standard for all vessels that says red light on left, green light on the right and white light on the back.

Hopefully this will make it easier for my to keep the orientation of my multicopter when flying LOS (line on sight). On the side arm, I didn’t use any lights on the front side because I didn’t know if that would disturb the camera. I will do some field testing on that later and see if I should add lights on the front if needed.

The lights I used where cheap 12 volt LED-strips from Hobby King, and so far they have worked fine. Since I use 4S batteries I converted the voltage using a 12 volt BEC. It’s possible it would have worked anyway, but I already had a BEC so there was no reason to not use it.


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