CamOne Infinity


I like the specs for the new CamOne Infinity action camera.

The CamOne Infinity looks like a really good action camera for aerial photography. It’s definitely a challenger to the Gopro which is a common camera for multicopter aerial photographer. Just like the Gopro it comes with a waterproof divebox. For multicopter pilots that protective housing also doubles as extra protection when crashing =) Another interesting feature is that the CamOne Infinity seems to have an optional solution for 2,4 ghz and 5,8 ghz wireless video transmission. And it has a small live screen. The live screen is maybe not essential for aerial photography and FPV, but it makes the camera more versatile and useful in other situations.

The specifications looks promising. And according to the article CamOne Infinity at Photo weekly will the retail price be about 330 USD.

I’m not too impressed by their website though, camonetech, maybe it’s just not working in Safari and Firefox at the time.

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