Review: XL Y6 carbon frame


The carbon Y6 frame looks really cool

This is a quick review and my first impressions of the XL Y6 carbon frame from RC-carbon. I will write a more detailed review when I have my Y6 up in the air.

The carbon Y6 frame available in some different sizes and I ordered the large one which has the 750-1000 mm radius. My frame is slightly less than 1000 mm, because it could be shipped faster with those dimensions.

I also ordered a carbon fiber landing gear and a 2 axis gyro stabilized carbon fiber camera mount for small size DSLR cameras, such as the Canon 550D.

First impression of the Y6 carbon frame
The Y6 carbon frame feels very solid and strong, yet light weight.

The carbon surface of the center plates, camera mount and landing gear is really smooth. Almost like a mirror. But the surface quality of the carbon arms is pretty rough. There were lots of bubbles and scratches. It doesn’t really matter, and the frame will probably look much worse after some rough landings, but I was honestly expecting a higher quality impression from a “premium range” Y6 carbon frame.

Carbon Y6 frame before it's assembled


Multicopter landing gear before it's assambled


2 axis carbon camera mount before it's assambled


The carbon fiber arms has a poor surface quality.

Motor mounts
The motor mounts are not made by carbon as suggested on the photos at RC-carbon. It’s made of something called Nicobond composite. It’s said to be better than carbon motor mounts in many ways, but it doesn’t look as bad ass as carbon motor mounts.

The standoffs are slightly shorter than the arms height, which makes the motor mount lean a little bit when tightening the bolts, which is a bit annoying.

The motor mounts actually feel a bit too strong, so I’m not quite sure whether the carbon arm or the motor mount will break first in case of a crash. I guess time will tell =)

There are also spare motor mounts available Y6 frame motor mount


The multicopter motor mount is made of Nicobond, not carbon fiber.

2 axis gyro stabilized carbon fiber camera count

The camera mount is very well built with 2 serves included. The mounting looks is very clever and gives the impression that it really absorbs vibrations. It’s is hanging freely, strapped with eight O-rings, so I cannot imagine there will be much vibrations coming through to the camera. There is some tension in the O-rings to keep the camera in place, so the solution feels reliable too.


The carbon fiber camera mount has a clever anti-vibration mount. It hangs in eight o-rings.

Carbon battery sliders

There are two carbon battery sliders included for quick and easy battery changing. It can carry large battery and I will use dual 4s 6000 mAh batteries

Flight control mounting plate

The mounting plate for the flight control looks very versatile and will probably fit most control boards. It is mounted on rubber standoffs to reduce vibrations. Unfortunately it’s not possible to mount my Arducopter board, but Sergey at RC-carbon will send me replacement plate.


The FC mounting board fits most FC boards. There is many holes and cut aways in the center plates, which makes it easy to connect cables and other electronic parts.

Minor Problems

There where some minor problems with the delivered frame. Some of the bolts were too short and the canopy was missing.

RC-carbon Service

Sergey who runs RC-carbon is very service minded and the customer service is absolutely first class. I told Sergey about the problems and he will send the the stuff I need. He also guided me over video link to make sure the 2 axis camera mount got correctly assembled.


Since I bought this frame, RC-carbon has moved it’s store to

You will find the Y6 carbon frame, carbon camera mount, carbon landing gear and lots of other carbon fiber multicopter products there.

Bottom line

The surface quality of the arms could be improved, but I still believe it’s one of the best multicopter frames at the market. There were some things missing in the delivered package, but the customer service was very good and there were no problems at all to correct the order.

So far I’m very happy with this Y6 carbon frame.


Top view of the carbon fiber Y6 frame.

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