My micro Y6 multicopter


The Y6 hexacopter with short arms. I will build a solution so I easily can change between long and shot arms.


My small Y6 hexacopter compared to the large Y6 carbon frame.

I’m not done building my large carbon Y6 multicopter. Until then I will fly around in my smaller ghetto Y6 multicopter.

The center plate is made of carbon fiber and inspired by David Vindeståls tricopter center plate. One must be very careful when working with carbon fiber, the dust is extremely hazardous, and I used a protective mask. The canopy is half an easter egg, inspired by Josh Bixlers tricopter.

The motors are 2205C from Hobby King

The propellers are 8×4 from Hobby King

The ESCs are Turnigy Plush 12 A


Small motor, ESC and propeller. The rubber bands are my DIY rubber bands.

Expandable arms

The wiring harness is split three ways in the center, one for each arm, with a bullet connector in each end. Then use a common bullet connector for both ESCs on each arm, so the wire is not split into six until it reaches the ESCs. I think shared cables will save some weight. Later on I will use expandable arms with built in cable connectors for quick and easy extensions. That will also be easier using a three way harness.

Reprogrammed KKmulticopter board

I used the same KKmulticopter board as I previously used for my anspe frame quadrocopter. All I had to do was loading a new Y6 firmware. The reprogramming of the kkmulticopter board was actually quite easy. I had to modify my usb connector from 10 pin to 6 pin though, that was the only tricky party. I will probably write more about that in an upcoming article.

Movie with tricopter (and general multicopter) tips.

Here is a movie showing David’s and Josh’s multicopters.

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