Quadrocopter crash, first flight


My first multicopter ready for it's maiden voyage.


I used some square wooden sticks as protection for my quadrocopter frame. They fitted pretty well in the hollow aluminium arms of the Anspe frame.

My first multicopter is now fully assembled and ready to fly. I haven’t got much RC experience so I made a simple protection for my quadrocopter frame before I took off. It turned out to be a good idea.

Difficult to fly the quadrocopter

The flying was a bit trickier than I expected. The quadrocopter flipped to the side before it even took off, so I had to correct it continuously. It wasn’t fully calibrated and I will use some more gyro gain next time. I really had use for the protective wooden sticks.

After a while I managed to keep it in the air for 10-20 seconds a couple of times. The landings where a bit hard but OK.

No video

Unfortunately I couldn’t shoot video footage while flying, so I just took a few still images of the quadrocopter on the ground. My friends aren’t that hooked on multicopters, but if I tell them that I crash all the time, I can probably get someone to shoot some videos. What could possibly be more entertaining than a good multicopter crash?


What goes up, must come down. Never leave home without spare propellers.

Anders at Anspe was totally right when he said that it was best to begin with a small and cheap quadrocopter instead of a large and expensive hexacopter. It’s also better with aluminum frames, instead of carbon fiber, if you crash. Carbon fiber frames cracks while aluminum frames only bends.

I can also recommend prop savers to all you rookies out there. I would certainly have wrecked more propellers if I had used regular propeller mounts.

Conclusions after the first flight

  • Rookies crashes their multicopters.
  • Gyro gain FTW!
  • Prop savers is da shit!


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