Assembling the quadcopter frame from Anspe


The quadrocopter frame parts from Anspe arrived today

Today the quadcopter frame from Anspe arrived.

I didn’t understand that the holes in the aluminum arms weren’t pre drilled and unfortunately I don’t own a proper drill. So I got a bit worried at first.

Worrying is not my thing though, so I had to find a solution. I do own an electric screwdriver and I had a bit mounted drill I could use, so I quickly solved the problem.


If you don't own protective safety glasses, simply use your motorcycle helmet. Good protection when drilling in metal.

I only needed to drill the aluminum arms. Not the glass fiber, it was allready drilled. So I could use the holes in the glass fiber parts as a template when marking up the aluminum parts.

Working with glass fiber and carbon fibre

Glass fiber dust can be a bit annoying and also bit harmful so be carefull. When you work (drill, cut, brush etc) with carbon fiber it is even more important that you are careful, and you must wear respiratory protection. The carbon fiber dust is extremely harmful, much more harmful than glass fiber dust as I understand.


The quadcopter frame is now assembled and this is what it looks like

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