Multicopter frames


RC-Carbon hexacopter frame. Lightweight, solid and foldable. I will probably buy this one or the Y6 hexacopter frame when I build a more advanced multicopter.

There are many different multicopter frames. The most common are quadrocopters, hexacopters and octocopters.

Heavy payload multicopter

I figured that a hexacopter frame would be the best for me, so I can carry a heavy payload, such as a Canon 5d mk2 DSLR. There are mainly two different types of hexacopter. The regular hexacopter with six arms, and a Y-hexacopter with three arms and two motors coaxial mount on each arm.

I was planning to buy a carbon fiber hexacopter frame from RC-Carbon. It looks really solid and will probably do the job well. Sergey at RC-Carbon is really friendly and helpful. He answered some questions over mail, and suggested suitable motors etc for this frame.

After a while I was beginning to think that this frame maybe was a bit overkill to start with. But when I build a larger multicopter, this is probably the frame I will go for.

A small quadrocopter frame for practicing

I was also looking at a smaller frame from Anspe. After a dialog with Anders at Anspe, I was convinced that I should begin with a smaller frame and learn how to maneuver a multicopter. Because every beginner WILL crash while learning, and it would be unnecessary to do that with the more advanced multicopter.


This is the Anspe quadrocopter frame that I bought. A perfect frame for beginners.

Other multicopter frames

There are some other multicopter frames that I find interesting.

1001 copters multicopter frames

1001 copters provides a advanced looking aluminum frame. A bit heavy though – over 800 grams

Minsoo Kim multicopter frames

Minsoo Kim at MultiCopter Worldwide Shop provides some frames of different sizes. The Micro Multicopter looks like a fun indoor multicopter.

Kinjal mini multicopter frame

The Kinjal Mini frame is available from Multicopterstore.

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