HK-TR6A-V2 PPM problem


Bummer! There's no PPM output from my new HK-TR6A-V2 receiver! The only good thing is that it's smaller and lighter than my old receiver, so I will use anyway for my small Y6 multicopter.

I have previously written about some different ways to use PPM with Turnigy 9X. The easiest way seemed to be binding it with a Hobby King TR6A-V2 reciever and then you get PPM sum from the battery connector.

The HK-TR6A-V2 was out of stock for many weeks, and the there was a long time for shipping, so I couldn’t try that trick until the other day.

Unfortunately it seems like there is no PPM sum output when I connect it to my Open Pilot board. I don’t own an oscilloscope or other instrument to monitor the signal, so I guess I just have to trust the Open Pilot setup program.

I did some research about this and it turned out that there might me different versions of the HK-TR6A-V2, and that Hobby King has removed the PPM sum from the newest batches. Some other people have had the same problem as I had. You can also read about it in the comments on my post Turnigy 9x ppm.

Hopefully I can upgrade (downgrade) the firmware. Otherwise I will try the Frsky module.

Anyway, my new HK-TR6A-V2 receiver is smaller than the original Turnigy receiver, and the binding itself worked fine, so I will use on my small hexa with regular PWM signals.

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