New multicopter motor – MT 3506 650kv from Tiger Motors (T-motor)


MT 3506 650kv brushless motor

Today I found a very interesting multicopter motor, the T-motor 3506 650 kv from Tiger Motors. This multicopter motor is from their MT series, which is specially developed for multirotors. The other two multicopter motors are MT 2214 and MT 2216.

I have previously written shortly about Tiger Motors because the motor’s bell implies it’s from the same manufacturer as the Avroto motors when I wrote about the Avroto 2814.


MT 3506's long cables makes it easier to have the cables inside the arms of the multicopter frame

For my large heavy lift Y6 multicopter I use the RC-timer BC 3536 750 kv, but if I one day will build a slightly smaller multicopter I will definitly take a closer look at those MT 3506 multicopter motors.




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