DJI Wookong M – multicopter platform

DJI Innovations Wookong M

DJI Innovations Wookong M, a new multicopter flight controller.

DJI Innovations has an interesting platform for multicopters called DJI Wookong M. In these videos it’s performing very well. As I understand it’s not too expensive either, maybe even cheaper than the german Mikrokopter.

If the DJI Wookong is performing better and costs less, it’s really time for Mikrokopter to shape up.

DJI Wookong M Videos

Here are a few videos from DJI Innovations that shows how well the DJI Wookong M flies. It looks really stable and I like the failsafe too:

DJI Wookong M indoor test

DJI Wookong M outdoor

DJI Wookong M failsafe test


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