DIY rubber bands for propsavers

I really like propsavers, but the o-rings are unnecessarily expensive. So I made some DIY replacement rubber bands out of the inner tube of my bike tyre. My tube was flat anyway, so it didn’t cost me anything at all.

Notice that these rubber bands are a lot softer than o-rings, so they are best used for light propeller purposes. You might need to use more than one rubberband on the propsaver if you make them thin.

Here is a quick DIY guide on how I did.



One single tube gives you hundreds of DIY propsaver rubber bands.


This specific tube is made for 18-25mm racing tyres. That is a good dimension for propsaver rubber bands.


Cut the tube in some different sized slices and you can use the rubberbands for many different propellers and propsavers.


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