Open Pilot and Copter Control multicopter platform


Openpilot flight control board

Open Pilot is a new flight control platform for multicopters. As I understand it has a faster and generally better performing hardware than e.g arduino based platforms such as Arducopter and Multiwiicopter. The software code for multicopters is called Copter Control and is open source.

It is really small too, only 36×36 mm. Unfortunately it doesn’t have enough outputs for my needs. It only has 6 outputs, and I need 6 for the motors on my Y6 hexacopter and 2 for my 2 axis stabilized camera mount.

It’s also cheap. Less than 100 dollars, which is about the same price as a KKmulticopter control board (except Hobby King’s light version which is only 30 dollars).

Copter Control for Open Pilot

Here is a video with some information about Open Pilot and Copter Control

And here is the first episode from Open Pilot TV

Warthox flies an Open Pilot Copter Control quadrocopter

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