Lipo battery short circuit


Smoke came from the lipo batterys balancing port and the RC receicer

Today I was experimenting with a gyro and a servo for my gyro stabilized camera mount from Hobby King. The gyro and the servo was power by the turnigy receviever, which was powered by an ESC on another channel.

I was totally focused on the gyro (HK 401B) so I hardly noticed that it suddenly came smoke from some other parts. I immediately pulled the XT60 plug to the battery to minimize the damage. Then I noticed what must have happened. The balancing plug from the battery must accidently have touched one of the grounded pins on the receiver.

The pin was totally destroyed, but except from that, the receiver, the ESC and the lipo battery seem to work just as normal.

I’m glad that the lipo battery didn’t explode or something when it got short circuited. I have a lipo-safe bag that I use when I charge and balance my lipo batteries, but I don’t use it for this kind of things. Maybe I should.


No more fun with channel seven.

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