Quadrino – a new multicopter controller


Quadrino - a new multiwii-based multicopter controller.

I just found a new interesting multicopter flight controller – Quadrino which will soon be available at the swedish store Aeronautik Hobby. It’s based on the multiwii platform and comes in two version advanced and regular. Both versions has gyro stabilization and accelerometer. The advanced version also has magnetometer and barometer. Even if it’s called Quadrino, it also support other multicopter setups like Y6 hexacopter  among others.

It has two stabilized servo outputs for camera mounts. Since I will use my multicopter for aerial photography, I will definitely take a closer look at this controller.

The controller card is ready to fly, no soldering needed.

Read more at http://www.declspec.com/quadrino-datasheet.pdf


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