Turnigy 9x RC transmitter and receiver


Turnigy 9x, budget RC transmitter


Multiplex SX Cockpit has lots of advanced features

I need a good transmitter for this project. I was recommended a Multiplex SX Cockpit. It has many features such as telemetry, but it was a bit too expensive to begin with. I will probably buy a similar transmitter if it turns out that RC aerial photography really is my thing, but for now I need something in a lower price range.

I found the Turnigy 9x which will probably do the job for me. It has 9 channels.

Throttle curves

Turnigy 9x has a few features too, and one of the most important features to me is that you can program your own throttle curves. I will write an upcoming post about how those throttle curves works.

Mode 1 and Mode 2 RC transmitters

When you buy RC transmitters, there are two modes you can chose from. Simply called mode 1 and mode 2. I went for the mode 2, which I believe is the most common mode for RC helicopters and multicopters. Check out this post that explains Mode 1 and Mode 2 RC transmitters.

Turnigy 9x video review

Here is a video review of the turnigy 9x transmitter.

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