How does a quadcopter work?

I just love the simplicity of the multicopters. They have no moving parts except for the motors. By alternating the thrust of the individual motors, the multicopter will perform different maneuvers. This is how multicopters work.


While hovering all motors keep the same thrust. Two of the propellers run clockwise, and two propellers run counter clockwise. Therefore there will be no tourqe momentum.


When you go forward you increase the thrust on the rear motor, while decreasing the thrust on the front motor the same amount. The total thrust will then be constant.


Increasing the thrust on the motors running a certain direction will make the multicopter yaw.

If you want to know more about how multicopters work, take a look at:

They explain it better than me, and more detailed. That is BTW where i borrowed the magnificent illustrations from.

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