Aerial Photography – how it all started

I have never been into radio controlled (RC) toys. My intentions with this the multicopters are primarily to use them as a tool for aerial photography and videography.

Since I’m a photographer I read a lot of photography blogs. One day I accidentally came across some amazing video footage by aerial photographer Eric Austin.

RC Aerial Photography

He was using a RC helicopter carrying a Canon 7D to  shoot aerial videos. I was truly impressed by his video footage, and figured that it could be great fun to do something similar.

His setup was a bit expensive though, I checked the prices at Photoship One, and figured that as long I don’t have a payed assignment, I can’t by that kind of expensive equipment for aerial photography. The setup was based on a T-Rex 700E with a three axis camera mount. I think the full kit was a bit more than 10 000 USD.

Besides that, regular RC helicopters are known to be difficult to maneuver. And Erics words from the video clip echoed in my mind – “Crashing is not an option”.

I understood that I should not buy the full kit at once, but do this step by step.

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